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The Micronesian island nation of Kiribati is scattered 3000km along the equator in the Central Pacific. Comprising 33 low lying atolls divided into 3 groups – the Gilbert Islands, Line Islands and Phoenix Islands  – Kiribati presents unspoiled reefs and lagoons and a thriving traditional culture.

The natural environment of the islands and surrounding waters present unrivalled experiences, with the marine world offering world class fishing and undiscovered diving, while on land the bird life is incredible.

Island culture shows limited outside influence, with traditional ceremonies still holding important roles in Kiribati life. Families continue to live in extended groups; many I-Kiribati build their own homes and canoes from natural materials; traditional crafts prevail, producing stunning handicrafts and Kiribati dance continues to be synonymous with Kiribati identity.

With such cultural and environmental attractions, Kiribati is attracting increasing numbers of travellers. Tourism, however, is in its infancy with visitor numbers remaining low and infrequent, and facilities and activities still in the early stages of development. This is, however, for many, the appeal of visiting Kiribati.

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