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Tarawa    Kiritimati, in the Line Group, is the largest coral atoll in the world with an expansive inland lagoon system and extensive coastline, both boasting endless flats of white sand, coral and crystal clear waters.  The waters of Kiritimati are alive with bonefish and trevally as well as many other fish varieties. As such, Kiritimati is internationally renowned as a destination for bonefishing and other fishing.

Kiritimati waves present uncrowded isolated surf, in a very remote untouched environment, and are a more accessible alternative than Fanning Island.

Below the surface, the crystal clear waters and the masses of colourful sealife of the untouched marine environment offer superb diving and snorkelling.

On the atoll itself, the land is sparsely populated with just a few small villages, mostly in the northern areas. Away from the villages on the lagoon islets, Kiritimati is a haven for birdlife owing to its many wildlife sanctuaries, offering birdwatchers an ideal destination to watch shearwaters, terns and many other species of migratory sea bird.