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Outer IslandsThe outer islands of Kiribati offer varied experiences in terms of environment, culture, activity and remoteness.

Abaiang, is the most easily accessible outer island due to its proximity to Tarawa. Fishing activities can be arranged here.

Butaritari, one the greenest of the Kiribati islands, is famous for the traditional art of 'binekua', the calling of the porpoise by the men of Kuma. It also saw fighting during World War II.

Abemama, the first island where Captain Davis hoisted the Union jack in 1892 and home to Robert Louis Stevenson who resided here in 1889, offers good snorkelling in its lagoon.

Tabiteuea, the longest island in the Gilberts at 72km, is renowned for its dancers and its fiercely strong traditions.

Nonouti, in the south of the Gilbert Islands is being developed as a bonefishing destination due to its numerous islets and flats and quantities of bonefish.

Fanning (Tabuaeran) Island in the Line Group is beautiful and is a popular new cruise destination, as well as being a good surfing area, though its accessibility is limited.

The Phoenix Islands, including Kanton,  are the most remote islands in Kiribati and the least accessible. They are at the heart of the Phoenix Islands Protected Area, the world's largest marine World Heritage site. Though there are plans to open the islands up for some tourism, access is currently very limited.