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Accommodation in Kiribati is very basic and functional in terms of international standards. Upkeep and maintenance of properties may also be lacking, due to  the isolation and climatic conditions of Kiribati.

Accommodation includes simple hotels and guesthouses or if you wish to experience simple Kiribati life, traditional style accommodaton is also available. There are no properties that offer a resort style environment or such facilities as swimming pool, spa etc. The international star classification of properties is not appropriate for Kiribati, but, if it was to be applied, few properties would be considered for 2 star at the most. If you are unable to manage without everyday 'luxuries' then Kiribati accommodation may not meet your requirements.

Tarawa and Kiritimati offer the majority of accommodation, while outer islands have limited if any options - the village rest house often being the only choice. Accommodation away from the main towns of Kiribati may not have electricity or running water.

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