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Tabon te Keekee
On the islet of Abatoa, North Tarawa, Tabon te Keekee offers a traditional Kiribati experience in a tranquil environment. Located on the edge of the village the property overlooks the passageway between lagoon and ocean.

  • family run property
  • 5 traditional island bwia guesthouses
  • waterfront location
  • shared western style toilets and showers
  • rates include breakfast and evening meal

Otintaai Hotel
Situated on the lagoon edge in Bikenibeu, South Tarawa, the government owned Otintaai hotel offers simple, functional accommodation just 10 minutes from the airport and with easy access to thecommercial centres of the island.

  • 40 air conditioned rooms
  • private bathroom facilities
  • restaurant & lounge bar
  • local dance entertainment
  • rates include breakfast


Fema Lodge
Fema Lodge is located in Antenon village on South Tarawa and overlooks the lagoon. All rooms are self catering with shared kitchen facilities and the property is conveniently located near to a grocery store, where food can be purchased.

  • 7 air conditioned rooms
  • shared bathroom facilities
  • shared common room, kitchen and TV
  • self catering only

Tarawa also has other options for visitor accommodation. 


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