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Air Kiribati, the national airline, and Coral Sun Airways, a private airline, connect most of the islands of the Gilberts group with regular scheduled services. Charter flights can also be arranged. There is currently no direct connection between Tarawa and Kiritimati - anyone wishing to visit both island groups must connect via Fiji. There is currently no flight access to the Phoenix Islands.

Buses are the most convenient and inexpensive way of travelling around South Tarawa with fleets of private buses servicing Betio to Buota (the end of the road). Car hire is available in the commercial centres on Tarawa and Kiritimati and some I-Kiribati rent out their vehicles to visitors on request. North Tarawa and many outer islands do not have motorised vehicles - the only way to get around these areas is on bicycle or by foot. Motorbikes are a convenient mode of transport throughout the islands.

Ships operate from South Tarawa to all the outer islands transporting passengers, cargo and vehicles. Other smaller craft operate between South Tarawa and North Tarawa and also travel to the outer islands. Each operates its own schedule and is available for charter.