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Bird Watching    With 9 protected nesting zones, covering a large proportion of the island, Kiritimati is a haven for birdlife. Large colonies of rare migratory seabirds, many of which are ground nesting, remain unafraid of human activity, enabling close observation. Kiritimati is a birdwatcher’s paradise.

The 18 species of seabirds found on Kiritimati include fairy terns, sooty terns, great crested terns, masked boobies, red-footed boobies, brown noddies, blue-grey noddies, red-tailed tropic birds, great frigate birds, Polynesian storm petrels and wedge tailed shearwaters.

Several islets in the lagoon and other areas of Kiritimati offer diverse opportunities to view the different species, with access by boat or truck.

All protected areas are only accessible while accompanied by a Wildlife and Conservation guide and as such you must be on a tour to view any of the nesting sites.