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Diving    Virtually undiscovered by the diving community due to limited  accessibility, Kiribati offers excellent diving.

With both lagoon and ocean diving around Kiritimati, there is a variety of environments to be discovered both from the shore and boats. Good visibility ensures that corals, both hard and soft, and an abundance of colourful reef fish as well as sharks, rays and turtles are easily seen. Dolphins also frequent these waters. Snorkelling in the lagoons is also particularly rewarding.

Diving in Tarawa and the Gilbert islands is available and offers wreck as well as reef diving both from Tarawa and some outer islands, notably Abaiang.

All operators in Kiribati offer dive equipment for hire. However, the standards of equipment and qualifications of the dive operators have not yet been ascertained and there is no national body required to do so. Therefore, diving can be arranged for visitors, but it is entirely at your own risk.